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Meet Carma

Carma is a modern-day soulful medicine woman who lives and moves with the natural rhythm of our Mother Earth. She acquired much of her teachings and wisdom from 20+ years of personal development work and her own journey of healing and clearing the  childhood sexual abuse that ran deep in her family’s lineage. Her exploration with earth and plant medicines has played a big role in healing these deep wounds which she continues to advocate for and share with others. 

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She is a Certified Master Coach with the Elementum Coaching Institute® where she broadened her skills in working with trauma, nervous system regulation, somatic and embodiment practices as well as inner-child and Internal Family System (IFS) or ‘parts’ work.  

Breathwork was naturally part of her daily practice, however, a deeper dive into shamanic breathwork opened for her during the global lockdown in 2020. She was introduced to a shaman that had been studying breathwork for over 20 years where he taught different breathwork patterns and ratios, opening up a field to explore and experience altered states of consciousness.

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Her love of dance and movement earned her a certification in Pilates in 1999 from the Physical Mind Institute and Stott Pilates in 2018. She owned and operated Body by Pilates, teaching students out of her home studio on the beautiful island of Maui. In 2022 she completed  a Non-Linear Movement Practitioner Certification® with her mentor, Michaela Boehm. The addition of non-linear movement into her daily practice, inspired her creation of the powerful somatic and embodiment practice of Non-Linear Movement and Intentional Breathwork Fusion® which she offers online monthly and in person in Boulder, Colorado. 


As the  steward of nine Crystal Tones® alchemy sound healing bowls, she incorporates sound and vibration into her somatic work with her clients.  Singing, chanting and  toning are all healing tools available to all of us. Her love for these light beings is reflected in her openness to share them with anyone who will gather and listen! 

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In 2023 she became  a first time  author as a contributor to the Amazing Woman Rise: Ignite the Infinite Power of the Feminine Heart, a #1 best selling book where she shared her wisdom on moving through her life from the lens of the feminine heart and how that spills over into all areas of her life!

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Currently, she is studying with Ayahuasquera and Huachumera, Kat Courtney to deepen her connection and co-creation with plant teachers and healers and to amplify her coaching and integration skills in the aftercare of Earth medicines. Throughout her own practice and offerings, Carma holds deep respect, honor and gratitude for all indigenous and shamanic lineages from whom these plant medicine teachings originate.


She is committed to creating safe spaces for all people to come and experience this profound and powerful work. She holds a special place in her heart for survivors of childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault. Working with clients of all genders, she has witnessed healing and clearings around the many challenges that affect modern day humans.  


When she is not coaching, teaching or holding space, she can be found playing in the mountains of Colorado, walking the beaches of Maui, or spending time with her son, Jordan and her Toy Aussie, Suki.


Let's journey together.

Schedule a discovery call with me for more information. I'm looking forward to connecting soon! 



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