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Movement as Medicine

Movement has been my sacred medicine for more than two decades.

As a certified Pilates teacher and a former pole dance fitness studio owner, I’ve discovered and healed hidden parts of myself that I never would have reached through the mind alone. 

However, my most powerful opening occurred when I discovered the Non-Linear Movement Method® (NLMM), which is now a part of my daily practice. From 30 seconds a day to 40 minutes a day, NLMM is a game changer! This powerful method is designed as a self-imposed somatic modality and can be practiced by anyone, regardless of physical health, ability, fitness level or age, and can be done in any position, including laying down.

NLMM opens a connection to your inner landscape, aka your nervous system. Moving freely with “what you are feeling” gives your body a ‘voice’ which will gently release layers of stuck energies, emotions or thoughts that have kept you stuck. These layers can show up as unprocessed experiences, traumas, negative thoughts, unhealthy patterns, and outdated belief systems. 

Your body holds deep wisdom and is communicating with you 24/7, sending you messages of what it feels and needs. When we learn to deeply listen to the intuitive messages of our bodies, give them awareness, and an outlet through movement and breath, we allow these parts of us to freely express and release from the deep imprinted layers that no longer serve us. We get to let go, layer by layer, and in our own time.

23.08.24 Carma-02271.jpg
“When working with Non-Linear Movement and or Intentional Breathwork we create an energetic gateway to the natural intelligence of your body”.
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In my personal practice, I started to weave Non-Linear Movement with Intentional Breathwork which led me to create my signature Soulful Somatic & Embodiment Experience: Non-Linear Movement and Intentional Breathwork Fusion.  


I start with 30 minutes of NLMM to wake up the body and loosen stagnant dense energy and finish with Intentional Breathwork to support a deeper release of these old blockages and debris that are ready to let go! The results were powerful!  I felt spacious in my body I had more clarity, confidence and creativity which rippled out to all areas of my life and relationships. 

Benefits of NLMM®
  • Regulates the Nervous System

  • Processes and Identifies Emotions

  • Releases Trauma Patterns into Flow

  • Unites Mind and Body in Intimacy with Physical Sensation

  • Creates High Bodily Responsiveness

  • Opens Access to Bodily Wisdom

  • Awakens Vital Energy and Sensual Sensation

23.08.24 Carma-02400.jpg
“Our bodies hold so much knowledge. When we set aside purposeful time to lean in and fully listen, we can create a portal using breath and movement, which opens a gateway for the fullest expression of our body’s innate knowing.” 

Client love notes

I leaned into fully trusting myself and moving with what I was feeling. I felt it ALL! Anger. Joy. Flow. Tears. Laughter! I love this practice so much I have committed to  a daily home practice, but I still look forward to her monthly offerings. Her soft and gentle guidance always teaches me something new about myself as she  takes me to another layer. Thank you Carma for sharing this beautiful work with the world.

Kells G.


Let's journey together.

My signature offering, Non-Linear Movement & Intentional Breathwork Fusion intertwines these two modalities for a powerful somatic and embodiment experience. 



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