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Sound Healing

Frequency and vibration... the new medicine

SOUND!  One of my favorite medicines! Singing, chanting, humming, toning, crystal sound bowls, drumming, screaming! You name it. Using the power of our own voices is truly magical medicine. 

When we make sounds we create vibration, which like breath and movement, loosens up stagnant energies stuck  in the body. When you combine the alchemy of breath, sound, movement and touch, healing occurs on a different level. You let go of old debris, patterns, beliefs and structures that are taking up space in your mind and body. More spaciousness allows you to fill up with more of what you desire, whether it’s more abundance, a healthy partnership or a space to birth your gifts to the world.

We are all gifted beings with powerful messages and resources to share with the world, yet many of us grew up in families or cultures that encouraged us to stay quiet and small. Learning to tap into the power of your unique voice is yet another portal to support you to step into your fullest expression. 


Finding, connecting with and fully expressing your signature voice moves you towards love and acceptance of your one-of-a-kind frequency and vibration that amplifies the courage to share your voice with the world, where we heal ourselves, our families, our communities and ultimately the planet!


Client love notes

Carma brought the magic of sound healing and breathwork to a group program I run designed to revive adrenal, thyroid, and hormone health through root cause restoration. It was so incredible, and we absolutely loved it. Everyone had amazing feedback: "At one point I felt like I was floating.", "I slept like a baby for 9 solid hours - so good!", and I personally listened to it multiple times after! I absolutely adore Carma's energy and can't recommend her work enough!



Let's vibe together.

I am blessed to be the steward of eight Crystal Tones alchemy crystal bowls that I incorporate with meditations, somatic and embodiment coaching, breathwork and plant medicine journeys.  I am also available for live, in-person sound healings in Boulder, Colorado and the surrounding area.   



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