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Earth Medicine

The power of plant medicine

My first psychedelic journey was in 2017, and it was the most expansive experience of my healing journey. I have developed a passion to work with these medicines while holding space for others because of my deep reverence for their ability to help individuals heal and transform their lives.

Some of my journeys have given me a glimpse into all the possibilities available in my life. The joy and beauty that surrounds me and reminds me that I am part of the infinite extension of love and consciousness, and that I am not alone.

Other journeys have been more challenging, where I have been confronted with and sat with shadow aspects of myself. At times, I experienced the presence of my ancestors, reminding me that they are supporting this healing path I am on for myself, for others, and for future generations.

Earth Medicines are here to bring you home to yourself.

Every visit with these medicines has taught me and those I work with to sit in the discomfort of the unknown, which helps to build a more resilient somatic body and to be more resourced in one's nervous system. This is the process I love to make possible for those who are ready to go deep, to trust, to surrender and to receive the deep wisdom of their own healing path.

"Working with Earth medicines illuminates the subconscious mind, giving you a glimpse into old belief systems and internal structures that you embody and how they may be blocking you from stepping into your fullest potential."
Every medicine  journey is an opportunity

To co-create and connect with these magical conscious beings, our plant teachers, is a gift. They want to work with you and share their wisdom and healing. They are here to guide you towards higher levels of consciousness; to clear the densities you hold in the shape of old wounds, patterns, fears, shame and guilt and to help you REMEMBER and EMBODY who you are.

"Working with clients of all genders, I have witnessed various healings and clearings around  fear, addictions, generational traumas, PTSD, depression, anger and deep grief."
Image by Manny Becerra
Once you ‘FEEL’ these experiences, you can never forget them.

With supportive guidance, coaching and integration, you can create ways to embody these new layers of wisdom, healing, growth and expansion into your daily life. This work is not a "quick fix;" it requires a slow, steady, commitment to unfolding, releasing, rising and amplifying from our deepest places within. This process involves healing from the inside out.

Client love notes

I had been pondering the possibility of a guided plant-medicine experience for a while but had some anxiety around actually doing it because I didn’t have any previous experience. And I wondered how I would find the right person.  From the moment I met Carma, I felt an absolute YES!  Her joy, love, and wisdom resonated deeply, and I knew I would be safe. She took time to talk with me, to help me clarify my intentions, to answer all my questions. When ceremony day arrived, I felt ready. She held each moment of the journey with full presence and such love--from altar creation to hand-holding, she attuned to my needs and allowed my journey to unfold. And she always knew when to ask the perfect question that would blow open another layer of insight. At the end of that day, I sat in such immense gratitude for the experience. I knew I had to return. And I did.



Let's journey together.

Currently, I offer 1:1,  in-person sacred plant medicine ceremonies designed to meet you exactly where you are. We start with transformative coaching sessions to clear any blocks and set your  intentions and desires, as well as start to create an intimate relationship with the medicines.

After your journey, we work on understanding and integrating the wisdom you received into your daily life and relationships.

Please email me directly for more information on this transformative initiation!



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