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Intentional Breathwork

Discover the power of your own breath!

My mentor was a wise shaman who worked  with somatic breathwork for over 20 years.  He taught me to experiment with different breathwork patterns, paces  and ratios to connect more deeply with what my body was’ feeling’ from the inside out.  Over time, it  created a softening which helped break up layers of stagnant emotional debris  that I was unconsciously  holding onto as a survival strategy to cope with the complex trauma I experienced as a young child.

Breathwork was also a safe path to experiment with altered states of consciousness which allowed access to my deep intuitive wisdoms. Much healing can come from the power of your own BREATH!

"There is so much power in the simplicity
of your own life force! The mana of the breath is healing and nourishing."

Client love notes

Carma brought the magic of sound healing and breathwork to a group program I run designed to revive adrenal, thyroid, and hormone health through root cause restoration. It was so incredible, and we absolutely loved it. Everyone had amazing feedback: "At one point I felt like I was floating.", "I slept like a baby for 9 solid hours - so good!", and I personally listened to it multiple times after! I absolutely adore Carma's energy and can't recommend her work enough!



Let's breathe together.

My signature offering, Non-Linear Movement & Intentional Breathwork Fusion intertwines these two modalities for a powerful somatic and embodiment experience.  



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