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Mastering the Ancient Practice of Plant Communication: Explore the Silent Language of Your Plant Allies

Updated: Apr 25

Have you ever felt a tingling sensation up your spine while standing on the soft forest bed, surrounded by a lush canopy of trees and plants?  Or perhaps you’ve heard the faint whispers of leaves in the wind as they blow across your path or the deep wisdom in the creaking or bending of tree branches. 

Most people see plants as silent beings, rooted in the ground, seemingly disconnected from the hustle and bustle of modern human life. However, for those who delve into the practice of plant communication, an entire realm of wisdom and consciousness unfolds. This ancient practice involves establishing a heart connection with plants, opening a portal for a unique exchange that transcends all language barriers. 

Remember that connecting with plant spirits is a deeply personal journey, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Trust your intuition, be patient with yourself, and approach this practice with an open heart and mind.

In this blog, I will share the mystical world of plant communication and offer a simple format to guide you to connect and converse with these magical plant allies that surround us.

Plants + Heart Connection = Unity Consciousness

The most important aspect to plant communication is to speak from your heart.  Like most Westerners, plant beings aren’t aware of separateness.  Our capitalistic culture has created a belief that we are separate from Nature, when in fact we are Nature.  We are all connected through this field that lies deep within the body and the heart, not the mind.  

While you can talk to the spirit of any plant from anywhere, you will want to have your plant near your ‘heart field’ so you can connect, activate and open the flow of this intelligent heart resonance. 

Below are a few simple steps to open these mystical lines of communication with any plant being. 

  1. Get Present:

Sit with your plant ally nearby and take a few deep breaths. Connect with your heart space feeling it expand with every breath. Become present with your surroundings.  Tune into what you see, smell, hear, or feel?   Breathe into your heart and as you exhale, imagine surrounding your friend with the warmth and love of your heart. 

  1. Ask Permission & Connect: 

Once you feel centered and present, express your intention to connect with the plant's spirit.  You can silently or verbally express your intention and it should be genuine, open, and rooted in a deep appreciation for the plant's wisdom. When we ask permission to open the flow of communication, we are showing the plant respect. We are assuring our friend our intentions are pure and our hearts are open. 

  1. Mindful Observation

Sit quietly. Observe. Notice the colors, root systems, textures, smells, or shapes.  Touch it.  Be gentle. Smell it.  Taste it, if the plant is edible and safe. . Trust your instincts and cultivate a sense of inner calm and receptivity. Listen. Consider any insights, thoughts or feelings that arise during this practice. Do a body scan.  Do you feel tense or relaxed? Are you tingling, hot, nauseous, activated, or sleepy? 

  1. Creative Expression:

Channel the juicy wisdom you gained from your connection through creative means such as prayer, drawing, writing, music, movement, or any other expression that comes from your heart.  Sharing our creative expression is a way to honor and deepen your relationship with the plants.

  1. Gratitude & Reciprocity:

Express gratitude to the plant for sharing its energy and wisdom with you. Gratitude reinforces the connection and acknowledges the symbiotic relationship between humans and plants.  Consider reciprocity. What would you like to give back?   Water the plant, sing or talk to it.  Move it to a new place in the space or commit to integrating whatever you learned into a daily practice. 

  1. Reflection & Integration:

Take time to reflect on your experience. Journaling can be a powerful tool for processing insights, emotions, and any guidance received from your journey. Consider how you can integrate this wisdom into your daily life as you continue to nurture your relationship with all plant spirits. 

  1. Close the Connection:

Take a moment to sit in stillness and breathe into your belly and heart filling your body with the radiance and warmth you received from your divine connection with magical, mystical Mother Nature. 

Remember, communicating with plants is a personal experience. Have fun with it!  Some people may feel a deep connection and receive clear messages, while others may sense subtle energies or simply enjoy the presence of nature. Stay open-minded, patient and trust your intuition as you explore this fascinating realm of connection with the natural world.

If you want to learn more about plant communication, consider joining my ROOTED ~ Awaken the Wisdom Within where you will learn to work and commune with the power of mushrooms through ritual, respect, relationship and reciprocity!

Have fun as you empower the voices of your plants! Let me know how it goes!



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