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Is Plant Medicine For You? - 10 Questions to Ask Before You Say YES!

Updated: Apr 25

Deciding whether to weave psychedelic plant medicines into your healing journey is a personal choice. It's important to approach this decision with careful consideration and awareness of the potential risks and benefits. 

Here are 10 questions to help you decide if psychedelics are a part of your healing journey.

What is calling me to try psychedelics? 

Understanding your reasons for wanting to use plant medicines for healing can help you assess your intention. Take a moment to consider the approaches you’ve already tried and is there another avenue to explore before you go down this path?

How strong is my mental and emotional health? 

Individuals with a history of severe mental injuries such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or debilitating anxiety may be at higher risk when using psychedelics. It is important to be honest and upfront about your mental health history with your guide to insure your safety. 

Am I currently taking any medications? 

Certain prescription medications can interact negatively with psychedelics so it is crucial to consult your healthcare team before diving into this arena. Building a deeper understanding around the potential risks and challenges allows you to  enter the experience informed and at ease.

Do I have a strong understanding of my nervous system and am I resourced enough  to regulate when I need to? 

It’s important to have an intimate relationship with your nervous system, as well as understanding what you feel and what you need?  Having a toolbox of resources such as breath, sound, movement or touch  to support nervous system regulation and a connection to your deeper inner wisdom will lend to a much smoother experience.

Do I have a trusted and experienced guide? 

Feeling SAFE in your experience is the #1 priority in working with these medicines. You are entering an altered state of consciousness. Take time to ask questions! This is your journey!

Do I have a support system that I can safely share my thoughts and desires with? 

Having a  supportive friend or family member to confide in can provide a different perspective and it feels safe to know you have a tribe that stands behind you no matter what you choose to do. 

Do I have a plan in place for integration afterward? 

Integration is the most important part of this work.  Having a plan in place to weave the wisdom and insights you received from your journey is imperative. Working with an experienced integration coach supports you in understanding what you received and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. 

Do you struggle with relinquishing control or uncomfortable with the unknown?

The fear of the unknown and the desire for control are natural aspects of the human psyche. When it comes to psychedelics, the fear of losing control in the unknown can be amplified to the unpredictability that can come with these medicines. If you are experiencing any anxiety around these concepts, now may not be the time for you.

Am I physically and emotionally  healthy and well-rested? 

Working in this realm takes a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual energy so if you are feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed or depleted, this may not be a good time to go on this journey.  Work with your guide to create a plan to get your body, mind and spirit aligned first so you can fully receive and integrate the deep wisdoms and gifts these medicines offer.

Do you have a full body YES! 

Do you FEEL without a doubt this is the next step for you?  Sit in the stillness of your breath and listen. When you FEEL a full body yes that sits in the deepest part of your inner knowing you are ready.  You will recognize the flow and ease that comes with the process as it unfolds organically and with ease. You will feel curious, grounded, open and ready to receive. 

As you can see there are many things to consider before embarking on a psychedelic  journey.  It’s important to take your time, ask questions and sit with that stillness and listen to your inner wisdom.  The answer lies within all of us.  Trust. Listen. Allow and Receive. It is all unfolding in divine timing. 

If you're sitting with a FULL BODY YES and want to explore more, you can connect with me here: Schedule a Let's Journey Session Here:

Mush love, xo


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