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"You are the medicine
you seek."

Welcome soulful human!

There is no mistake that you are here on this page, at this moment! Trust your intuitive wisdom. You were guided here for a reason! To reclaim your soulful, radiant, wild, and empowered self! 

It's your time.

You’re Listening. You're Here. You’re Ready.
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You've exhausted traditional talk therapy, and you still find yourself  STUCK repeating the same unhealthy behaviors and patterns.

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You innately know there is more for you and that everything you need is within, yet you can’t find the pathway to fully embody this knowing and truth.

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You are curious if psychedelic therapy could be part of your healing journey, yet you’re not sure how to begin or what this journey may be like.

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You are open to trying new modalities such as breathwork, movement, plant medicines, somatics and embodiment practices.

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You want to reconnect with your intuition and learn to listen, trust and remember the deepest confidence and wisdom that lives in your body.

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You are ready to shed the false masks you took on in order to survive unhealthy systems and structures that kept you feeling stuck in guilt, shame, and unworthiness.

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You want to learn to set and adhere to healthy boundaries that support and maintain your energetic output so you can reclaim and channel your life force energy into your dreams and desires.

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You deeply desire happiness, safety and a loving trustworthy relationship, yet this seems beyond your reach and/or outside of you.

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You are ready to uncover your unconscious or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your fullest divine expression and are committed to create a  plan of action to activate and embody your soul expression.

I’m Carma, a modern-day soulful medicine woman.

My gift of weaving sacred and soulful medicines creates safe portals for you to go on a journey to explore and witness the deeper layers of your inner landscape—your body.
The gateway to your deepest intelligence, that absorbs, records, imprints and holds all your life experiences, traumas, beliefs, thoughts, and memories. In this creative portal we will sift through your outdated societal, familial, cultural and ancestral conditioning that is embedded into the deepest layers of your body, blood, and bones.

Soulful medicines for the modern day human 

Healing begins in the body

When you merge the magic of sacred Earth medicines, somatic principles, and embodiment practices it offers a fresh new approach to healing, allowing you to organically unfold and release the unconscious stories stored deep in your body. 

Sound, frequencies, vibration, breath, non-linear movement, touch, and plant medicines were missing in my healing journey. When I discovered and started to work with Somatic and Embodiment Practices, my journey SHIFTED TO NEXT-LEVEL HEALING!  I stopped focusing on the stories in my mind and leaned into my body’s wisdom with curiosity and non-judgment.


With consistent practice, I was able to create space in my physical body for more clarity, confidence, and my authentic voice, and I started to attract healthy and fulfilling relationships that aligned with my truth. I FELT more grounded, present, connected to my body, and resourced in my nervous system. I experienced a sort of ‘awakening’ as I started to EMBODY the things I’ve desired in my life.

The power of
Earth medicines

 I had my first psychedelic journey in 2017, and it was the most expansive experience of my healing path. I have come to work with these medicines while holding space for others because of my deep reverence for their ability to help individuals heal and transform their lives.

Working with Earth medicines illuminates the subconscious mind, giving you a glimpse into old belief systems and internal structures that you embody and how they may be blocking you from stepping into your fullest potential.

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Discover the power of your own breath

There is so much power in the simplicity of your own life force! The mana of the breath is healing and nourishing. My mentor was a wise shaman who worked with somatic breathwork for over 20 years.  He taught me to experiment with different breathwork patterns, paces and ratios to connect more deeply with what my body was’ feeling’ from the inside out.  Over time, it created a softening that helped break up layers of stagnant emotional debris that I was unconsciously holding onto as a survival strategy to cope with the complex trauma I experienced as a young child.  Breathwork was also a safe path to experiment with altered states of consciousness which allowed access to my deep intuitive wisdoms. Much healing can come from the power of your own BREATH!

is medicine

Movement is real medicine! In 1999, Pilates came into my field and while it hadn’t hit mainstream yet, I knew this was something I wanted to learn.

My most powerful opening occurred when I discovered Non-Linear Movement (NLM) which is now part of my daily practice!  From 30 seconds a day to 40 minutes a day, NLM is a game changer.  Our body is our deepest intelligence and is communicating with us 24/7, sending us messages of what it feels and needs.  When we learn to truly listen and communicate with these intuitive soulful messages and give them a voice or an outlet through movement, breath, sound and touch, we allow these parts of us to freely express and release from the  deep imprinted layers that no longer serve our life mission. We let go layer by layer. The more we practice, the deeper we go and the more we let go of! 

23.08.24 Carma-02306.jpg
23.08.24 Carma-02194.jpg
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Frequency and vibration...the
new medicine

SOUND!  One of my favorite medicines!  Singing, chanting, humming, toning, crystal sound bowls, drumming, screaming! You name it. Using the power of our own voices is truly magical medicine. When we make sounds we create vibration, which like breath and movement, loosens up stagnant energies stuck  in the body. When you combine the alchemy of breath, sound, movement and touch, healing occurs on a different level. You let go of old debris, patterns, beliefs and structures  that are taking up space in your mind and body. More spaciousness allows you to fill up with more of what you desire, whether it’s more abundance, a healthy partnership or a space to birth your gifts to the world.

Client love notes

Carma has a presence that is immediately calming. Being in her presence is like being in the presence of the most loving, nurturing mother. She holds space in a way that allows you to just be you. In doing breathwork with Carma, I was able to access a deeper level I was never able to tap into when doing breathwork with other practitioners. She's amazing!

Becca Tomlin


Let's journey together.

Schedule a discovery call with me for more information. I'm looking forward to connecting soon! 



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